Dr. Nick Varley


1988-1994 PhD Kingston University, UK
1985-1986 MSc Birmingham University, UK
1982-1985 BSc Sheffield University, UK
Work Experience

November 2000 - present

Professor Researcher at the Faculty of Science, University of Colima. Teaching geochemistry, geophysics, physics, environmental sciences at degree level, Volcanology and Geochemistry as masters courses. Responsible for the geochemical monitoring of Volcán de Colima and member of the Scientific Advisory Committee.

Nov. 1999 -April 2001

Participating in a bilateral project concerning the Jalisco block and the geochemistry of thermal springs.
August 1997 - May 1999

Postdoc at the Institute of Geophysics, UNAM, Mexico City. Title of the Project: "Soil gas concentrations of Mexican volcanoes" The main activity was to map soil gas concentrations of Popocatépetl and to investigate the possibility for using the measurements to predict eruptions. Measurements of radon and CO2 were taken in more than 500 different places. Samples were analyzed with portable instruments in the field; chromatography was later carried out in the laboratory. Isotopes of C and He were analyzed, the latter with the collaboration of the Div. of Geological & Planetary Sciences., Caltech, California. The structure is not known completely and the results indicated the position of several faults and other characteristics. Four more volcanoes were investigated: El Chichón, Tacaná, Volcán de Colima and Citlaltépetl, where measurements of diffuse degassing, fumarole emission and the related thermal springs were performed. Results were related to the monitoring program and evaluation of the risk. Bathymetry as well as measurements of the chemical variation of the crater lake of El Chichón were performed.

Sep. 1988 - July 1997

Assistant investigator at Kingston University, teaching classes of laboratory physics while supervising projects, assistant of a commercial company, production and measurements of calibration sources, consultancy contracts for gamma ray spectrometry. Between 1998 and 1992 in periods of 3-4 months was laboratory technician in charge of the Nuclear Science Laboratory and radiological protection. Obtained experience in a variety of radiometric techniques.


Participating in the "Sistema de Investigadores de México" (Nivel 1) since 2002.
Member of the Royal Geographical Society since 1992. Participation in symposiums and organising excursions.
Member of the American Geophysical Union.
Member of the International Association of Volcanology and Chemistry of the Earth's Interior.


Volcanoes are my passion. That is why I am in Colima and why I started CIIV in 2004. But Colima has a lot more to offer than just its thundering beast. In 2002 I met Any who was to become my wife and long-time sufferer of my somewhat extreme dedication to my science.

On the 31 May 2006 by life was enriched with the arrival of my son Oliver