Continued explosions at Volcán de Colima


2016 has the volcano continuing to produce several explosions a day such as the one in the photo at dusk on the 19th Jan. Some still show high temperatures with quite a large content of fine ash. A flight that was conducted on the 15th Jan. resulted in thermal images that showed a warm zone in the base of the crater but still no signs of a new effusive episode.

Field trip


The photo shows a group from CIIV standing close to the 2015 S lava flow. This lava flow started flowing after the July eruption and stopped sometime in September or October. We are currently looking at its development.

Deepening crater


After the July eruption the crater has progressively deepened due to the erosion produced by the explosions occurring each day. Many explosions are producing ash fall on the surrounding villages and sometimes the city of Colima. The quantitites of ash are very small and present no problem to the population. Here is a photo taken from a flight on 03 August 2015.



2015 has started as the most active yet for CIIV with 6 students here in Jan. Currently there are students from the UK, USA and Latvia helping out with fieldwork and data analysis. Progress, however, continues to be plagued by our truck, which is almost as often with the mechanic as at the volcano.

Current fieldwork


This has been concentrating on measurement of the SO2 flux, a critical parameter for the monitoring network, and measurement of the thermal emission of the lava dome, flows, rockfalls and explosion columns.

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