If you were a participant of the programme and would like to give a comment about the experience you had in Colima, about the work, the food, the life, feel free to send an email to Nick Varley, and we will post it on the website.

Battery Sophie and Kristi
Julia and Me l carryinga battery through the woods. Hard working student in the field.

Kathryn McDermott - 2009-11-01

This time in Colima has been fantastic; I have met some wonderful people and seen some great things. I do not regret any part of coming here.

Amy Ryan - 2009-07-01

My work experience in Colima

"I feel more confident now about working in a touch environment where things don't run smoothly because that describes 99 percent of the jobs that will be available to me in the coming years."

"I think the independent nature of the work here provides a challenge as well as an opportunity to grow."

"... having to figure it out for myself was a hard but good change and has boosted my confidence when it comes to work and research experiences in my future. Frankly, these four months make me think I can handle almost anything."

Annette - 2007-03-01

Highlights:The field trips of course. Being on Nevado is unmatchable. Life in Colima.

Mike Cassidy - 2006-12-01

Fantastic, Brilliant experiences, too many to talk about, 1st time in Nevado, the explosions, working on interesting projects, learning about volcanology and Spanish and meeting the students and staff here.