Activity of Volcán de Colima

Activity of 2016-09-30 - 2016-12-08


The end of September marked a new crisis in Colima. A dome had been slowly growing since early in the year, but suddenly the effusion rate increased when a large gas-pulse of magma ascended to rapidly fill the remainder of the larger crater and overflow to produce a new lava flow to the south. The acceleration of the seismicity was great and evacuations were carried out of the nearest villages. Fears of a similar event to July 2015 were ever-present. After only a few days the rate dropped again and things returned to normal. A further pulse in early November produced a new dome, which quickly over-topped the now shallower crater to produce yet another flow to the south on top of the Sept. flow. In early December the flow continues to advance towards the Montegrande ravine.


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